4 Ways to Save on Every Event

4 Ways to Save on Every Event

Negotiating multi-event contracts is an overlooked way to save money on events. Here are 4 other ways to save!

Most meeting professionals know they save money by signing a multi-event, or multi-year contract with their technology provider.  In addition to the monetary savings, there are other benefits that should be considered.

Project Management Consistency

We all know there is a huge benefit working with the same planning and on-site team for multiple meetings.  The PM and technicians get to know you, to know your event and attendees, and how to meet your goals at every event.

Here are four additional ways to save money on every event:

1. Negotiate venue costs BEFORE you sign a contract.

Once the contract is signed it is more difficult to negotiate.  Savings including:

  • Room rebates at hotel venues.
  • Electrical cost being included or discounted in meeting room rental or usage.
  • Internet and networking fees.
  • Room sound system cost, or patch fee charges.
  • Rigging rules and rates.
  • Furniture (table and chairs) rental and setup fees

Some of these should be considered in your Request for Proposal (RFP) with verbiage to protect you during the event.

2. Negotiate agreements so you can use vendors of your choice.

A simple clause in your RFP protects you from additional penalties or fees for using your preferred vendors. 

By accepting this RFP, “Association Name” will pay no penalties or fees for using our preferred provider for audiovisual or general contractor services.

Are venue providers “preferred” or “exclusive”

If providers are preferred, ensure there are no fees or penalties if you bring your own provider.  These fees often include Load In/Out Supervisor or Event Cleaning Fee.  Be sure you know all potential venue fees before your event.

If the venue providers are exclusive, check for possible discounts.  Often your sales manager has to be involved, as the venue is receiving commissions on all work they provide.  If the venue agrees to lower commission, you can receive a higher discount from the provider.

3. Ensure load in/load out times are scheduled at the venue dock.

Delays loading in your conference technology and furnishings can cost you   thousands of dollars.  Labor is a major cost and having crew standing around waiting at the dock can be a huge factor.  Load in and out typically have large crews.  Be sure these times are scheduled with your venue.

4. Schedule review and room turn planning.

Groups frequently have to rely on scheduled room turns, either from an evening event to morning sessions, or a large event to breakouts.  Be sure to review all room turns daily with the venue, to ensure all parties are working together so turns are accomplished efficiently and within the scheduled timeframe.

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